About me

I have always wanted to differ from others, and to have a different view on life. Regarding all this, it was logical to choose a profession in which I could express my often misunderstood creativity, which has eventually become recognizable. Recognizing hair as a basic material for creating my crafts,I have always approacheditwith the utmost respect.Hairdressing career,which started in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2000,has been continued in Croatiaand beyond. In my long career, I have beenthe official hairstylist at numerous events: Beauty Contests in BiH, Fashion Week, Croatian Radio Festival, Dora-the choice of the Croatian song for the Eurovision Song Contest, etc. I can also highlight a number of major projects I have worked onasa part of the Croatian Kuene Academy: Quelle make over, Fashion.hr,variousseminarsandtraining courses. Cooperation with several world-famous hairdressers, who impose hairtrends, has given me a completely new view on the world of hairstyles. Despite building my international career, I always find time to develop my personal creativity.One of my latest innovations, that I’m very proud of, is a special technique for curling hair in only 7 min. Another technique, which I’ve also come up with just recently, a dyeing technique, enables me to offer my dear clients a pleasure of enjoying in two different hair colors at the same time: blonde and brunette. And the last, but not less important innovation,provides the easiest dyeing experience in order to enjoy in thepopular “Ombre” effect!